CION Investment Corporation (“CION”) is a leading publicly listed business development company, or BDC, that focuses primarily on investments in senior secured loans to private and thinly traded U.S. middle market companies.

CION is managed by CION Investment Management, LLC (“CIM”), a registered investment adviser and an affiliate of CION. CIM oversees the management of CION’s activities and is responsible for making investment decisions for CION’s investment portfolio.

CION’s investment objective is to generate current income and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation for investors. CION seeks to meet its investment objective by utilizing the experienced management team of CIM, which includes its access to the relationships and human capital of its affiliates in sourcing, evaluating and structuring transactions, as well as monitoring and servicing CION’s investments.

CION’s portfolio is comprised primarily of investments in senior secured debt, including first lien loans, second lien loans and unitranche loans, and, to a lesser extent, collateralized securities, structured products and other similar securities, unsecured debt, and equity, of private and thinly traded U.S. middle-market companies.

CION’s quarterly net asset value per share may be obtained in its public periodic filings (i.e., Forms 10-Q and 10-K) with the Securities and Exchange Commission via its website www.sec.gov or by visiting our SEC Filings tab.

CION’s shares of common stock are listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) under the symbol CION. For more detailed information, please visit our Stock Information tab.

CION’s shares of common stock began trading on the NYSE on October 5, 2021.

No. Generally, investors may purchase CION’s shares of common stock only through a broker.

CION’s CUSIP number for its shares of common stock is 17259U 204.

CION’s transfer agent, distribution paying agent, registrar and distribution reinvestment plan administrator is DST Asset Management Solutions, Inc.

Yes. In order to continue to be treated as a regulated investment company under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, CION intends to distribute at least 90% of its taxable income to its shareholders. As a result, CION intends to declare and pay regular distributions to shareholders on a quarterly basis. Please note that distributions may not continue to be paid at the current level, if at all. Distributions in respect of future quarters will be evaluated by management and the board of directors based on circumstances and expectations existing at the time of consideration. To view historical distributions paid to shareholders by CION, please visit the Distributions tab.

Yes. All shareholders are automatically enrolled in the distribution reinvestment plan and will receive distributions declared by CION in additional shares of CION’s common stock unless such shareholder affirmatively elects to receive an entire distribution in cash by notifying (i) such shareholder’s financial adviser; or (ii) if such shareholder has a registered account maintained at CIC’s transfer agent, the plan administrator in writing at DST Asset Management Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 219476, Kansas City, MO 64121-9476, in either case by no later than the record date for such distribution to shareholders.

View the Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

You are a registered shareholder if you hold shares of CION’s common stock registered in your name and such shares are held in book-entry form with CION’s transfer agent, DST Systems Inc.

Distributions are generally taxable to shareholders in the year in which they are declared by CION. CION intends to update shareholders quarterly with an estimated percentage of its distributions that resulted from taxable ordinary income. Following the end of each year, CION provides a Form 1099-DIV and a tax status letter to shareholders that describe the taxability of the distributions paid in the preceding year, including a breakdown between ordinary income and capital gains. Participants in CION’s distribution reinvestment plan are taxed on the distributions as if they had received cash. For information on the tax status of the prior year’s distributions, please visit our Tax Information tab. For information about taxes in respect of distributions received by you, please consult your own tax advisor.

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